Local Computer Repair

Serving Upstate South Carolina, at The Sheppard Way we specialize in local computer repair giving customers the highest quality of service at the fairest prices.  Here are some of the things we can do for you:


Have you ever surfed the Internet over your favorite browser and every time you opened up a new web page you were greeted with several ads popping out of nowhere?  As time went on it got to the point where you couldn’t do anything online not just because of the excessive pop ups but also because anytime you went online your computer came to a complete crawl.  This is what malware does and you have it.  At The Sheppard Way we can remove that malware for you, disable ads from popping up again and restore that Internet speed back to how it first was.


Have you ever opened up your computer and all of a sudden a program showed that it was scanning your computer for viruses?  When it was finished it showed you that you had hundreds of infections on your computer and in order to remove it you had to download and purchase software?  Or have you ever had a situation where you computer basically stopped functioning correctly and you could hardly use it?  If so then you more than likely have a virus.  At The Sheppard Way we can remove those viruses, install the best Antivirus program for you and help protect you against future threats.


Do you have a computer that you like but have ran into issues with it’s performance?  You don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars on another one but you do want it to perform better.  At The Sheppard Way we can make the best assessment based off of your computer model on the type of upgrade you will need at the best prices.  Not only will we let you know ahead of time on what will need to be done, we will do the upgrade for you after the parts are purchased.  Not only will we do the upgrade for you but we will also make sure your data remains intact.


Has your computer crashed and you don’t have hundreds of dollars to buy another one?  You don’t know whether its a hardware or software related issue, all you know is that you need the computer back online.  At The Sheppard Way we can fix those issues for you.  For anything hardware related, we will contact you ahead of time before purchasing any parts necessary. We’ll not only repair it , but will also remove any malware or viruses off of it at no additional costs.


Nervous about who may be looking at the data on your laptop when you connect at the local coffee shop?  Or have you ever thought what might happen if your laptop ever got stolen?  At The Sheppard Way we can install top of the line software on your system that will always track where your laptop is and will give you the ability to log in from any computer with your credentials to find out who has your device.  Need your computers hard drive encrypted so that if someone did steal your computer they will not be able to retrieve any of the data on it?  We can do that as well.