What We Do

At The Sheppard Way we provide you with high quality service at great prices. We believe in giving customers what they want and need without having to feel like they were robbed. Want to get back in touch with that old flame? We can help. Want to know everything about the person you're about to hire? We'll let you know.  All throughout the US we will search for someone to find out who they are and what they have been up to based off of the information you provide.

Need your laptop or desktop fixed in Upstate South Carolina? Or if your laptop was stolen would you want to recover it and put a face to the thief?  We can do that for you.  You don't need a band of geeks to fix your computer then turn around and overcharge you prices they wouldn't pay themselves.  At The Sheppard Way, we will fix your hardware and software Windows based computer problems.  Not only do we fix the issues you are having, we can also secure your computers as well.

For businesses in the Upstate, are you needing someone to add security to your servers?  Would you like your physical computers/servers migrated to a virtual environment?  We can not only fix your problems but we can also create new solutions for things your business lacks.  You can tell us the vision or direction you want your company to be at in technology, and we will help bring that vision to reality.  From data recovery to creating ways to monitor all your servers without having to spend a fortune, we can do all of that and more for you at The Sheppard Way.

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