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he Sheppard Way focuses on several services which includes:

Our Technologies

For our True People Search and Online Identity Theft Prevention services, we conduct the best searches in order to find all the necessary information needed. Unlike automated search engines, we know where to look for updated information, how to remove private information, how to find people, and more.

he Sheppard Way uses top of the line technology to prevent future successful attacks on external servers and firewalls from hackers.  Normal penetration testing companies use between one and two types of vulnerability scanners to test servers, but at he Sheppard Way, we use several different types of scanners and tools to further guarantee the best possible protection of company data and information.

What gives he Sheppard Way an edge over competitors is the fact that our company not only uses top of the line technology in the Network Security field, but we also use the tools hackers use in order to prevent attacks from succeeding, all at the lowest guaranteed prices.

External Penetration Testing

Domain Name Services (DNS) Testing

SQL Injection Vulnerability Testing

Possible File Tampering Testing

Common Problems in Web Applications Testing


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NYPD Computers Targeted by Hackers

Web 2.0 Expo: Top 10 Web Hacking Techniques

MTV Attacked by Racist Hackers


he Sheppard Way is the Best Way

he Sheppard Way focuses on Network Security and on the needs of it's customers.  We understand that companies want their data and information to be secure, safe from prying eyes, and all at a reasonable cost.  At he Sheppard way, we conduct extensive research to find every possible vulnerability hackers look for by using tools they use, and top of the line Network Security tools to always stay ahead of the threat.  Not only do we go over and beyond in our vulnerability assessment, but we also make sure that no competitor offers lower prices than us.  If a competitors quote is lower than our quote, we will match that price while offering the best possible service available.

Team Performance

At he Sheppard Way, our team members have excelled in Network Security and have hand on experience with preventing hackers from accessing company information.  We have helped secure several companies by using our expertise, knowledge, understanding, and top of the line technology, and will continue to secure other companies to the best of our abilities.

Affordable Costs

We understand that companies want to make sure their information and data is protected without having to pay a ridiculous amount to do so.  That is why at he Sheppard Way, we guarantee the lowest prices and the highest quality of work.

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