People Search

At The Sheppard Way we do 100% true people search.  What this means is that we do not enter in data and get automated results that aren’t current like many other people search sites.  No, we in fact are online private investigators where we track an individual over the web to find all types of information ranging from criminal charges, traffic history, social media sites, past and current job history, online user handles, email accounts and more. There are two types of packages we offer.  The $20.00 package and the $30.00 package.  The $20.00 package will get you their current phone number and/or address.  We go through a verification process to make sure that we have the current phone number and/or address before you pay for anything.  The $30.00 package will not only get you the current address and/or phone number, but all the other information as well.  The report will let you know what has been going on in that person’s life for the past couple of years.  We obtain criminal background, civil background, traffic history, social media sites and more.  You pay for nothing until we notify you that we have finished conducting the search and have the report ready for you.  Click here to begin.




Server Administration


Serving Upstate South Carolina, at the Sheppard Way we have educated and skilled individuals focusing on Server Administration.  Need physical computers converted to virtual computers?  We do that.  Need recommendations on what your business needs to better secure you systems?  We do that. Interested? Click here to find out more.



Computer Repair


Serving Upstate South Carolina, at the Sheppard Way we can take care of all your computer needs at a fair price with high quality of work.  We can speed up your computer, remove viruses, protect your laptop and set it up so that if it ever got lost or stolen you would be able to track it.  Other companies charge outrageous prices for simple things, at the Sheppard Way we can guarantee you that you will be satisfied with our work and our prices.  Find out more here.