Server Administration

Windows Systems

Specializing in Windows Systems, at the Sheppard Way we can help businesses that are Windows based organizations to help better secure their network from internal and external intrusions.

Active Directory

Many companies utilize Active Directory in order to create users, set up group policies, map drives and more.  As time goes by and several users come and go, the Active Directory schema can become a mess which in turn can cause security issues such as activated accounts that should be deactivated, weak policies or no policies in place that help secure company servers and so on.  At the Sheppard Way we can come in and help create an Active Directory Standardization for future Administrators to follow or we can continue to administer help when needed.


Many attacks that are conducted on an organizations network and systems is through email.  Some companies work on an older email platform that does not have the security that many current email systems have.  With today’s changing technology it is important that all companies have the best email systems in place or the best security in place for their current email platforms in order to continue the flow of communication within a protected environment.  At The Sheppard Way, we can migrate Exchange, Lotus Notes and other systems to hosted platforms or create a better in-house solution then what you have today.


A big problem that several companies have is how to effectively administer Windows patches on servers since there are different types of software running on each system and bringing it down can be a problem.  At The Sheppard Way we can help setup a system that will automate Windows backups to laptops, desktops and servers.  Once we implement the system and document how it works we will then hand it to your current or future Systems Admin to maintain.


Many times a server will unexpectedly crash due to a bad hard drive, bad memory, a process running at 100% CPU usage and so on.  At the Sheppard Way we can create a system for you using Open Source technology that will monitor hardware and software running on your server to inform you via email of a problem before a bigger problem occurs.


Backups should play a big part in every organization, however, in many companies they don’t, primarily because it can be difficult if not automated. Also, when updates are administered manually, it can be time consuming.  At The Sheppard Way we can setup a backup solution for you whether you have a physical or virtual environment.


Virtualization is the way many companies are headed.  Being able to convert your physical computers into virtual computers allows for less hardware utilization and faster response times on the virtual servers.  Using VMWare or Hyper-V, at the Sheppard Way we can help convert your systems over to a virtual environment and setup replication and/or fail-over clustering for redundancy.

The Cloud

In today’s times accessing data on several devices is a necessity but also makes Executives nervous because of the data being put on the cloud.  At The Sheppard Way we can help setup a cloud solution for you using different types of technology based off of your preference and will secure it so that the data will always remain safe.

Solutions to your Problems

At The Sheppard Way we think outside the box and have worked with an extensive amount of technology so much so that if you are having a problem we more than likely have seen it and can fix it.  Whatever the problem may be you can simply contact us and we will come up with a solution for you.