About Us

The Sheppard Way was created on March 2009 in Greenville, South Carolina in order to provide several services to people at honest prices. Many people and companies need things done such as getting their computers repaired, running background checks on people, recovering data from crashed hard drives and more, but they don’t want to have to be overcharged for the services. Not only do they have to worry about being overcharged but also that the quality of work is going to be poor.

Enter The Sheppard Way.

Before I created this company people would come to me for their computer needs such as repairing laptops locally and remotely for non-hardware related issues. When they also found out that I could do extensive people searches which included finding information such as past criminal history, social media site activity and current addresses and/or phone numbers, they stopped paying money to sites that claim to find current data only to find out the data was old and useless and instead started coming to me. As the demand increased, I decided to focus on opening a company that would provide all these needs to people throughout the United States

While repairing computers and doing full background checks, I also helped companies improve technologically within their organization.  What many businesses failed to realize is that in today’s open source market, spending thousands of dollars for security is not always the option.  Using various programs as well as writing code, I’ve built monitoring systems that informed specific people when their programs or services failed on the server.

With having my hands on many different things, I knew that opening up The Sheppard Way was the thing to do as I could help several people in different things which benefited not only myself in a freedom sense, but also benefited the customer as they were able to get the things they needed at great prices as well as top quality service.